Mary Beth and Kara, creators of Heart 2 Heart Catering actually started working together in  1997 at Woodbridge Little League Concessions. Mary Beth and Kara volunteered to run the concession stand. Little did they know 13 years later they would cross paths again when Kara started dating Mary Beth's son and eventually got married; Mary Beth and Kara are investing their time, energy, and money into creating a lifestyle where they can spend more time with their growing families.

Heart 2 Heart has assembled a team of dedicated professionals who truly care about the company and its clients.  The Heart 2 Heart Team stands ready to provide you with truly exceptional food and service for your next event.


Joining Heart 2 Heart's growing list is as easy as a phone call or a text message to 703-302-9511. E-mail heart2heartcatering@gmail.com with any questions you may have, they'll put their years of experience at your disposal to assist you in working your next event. 

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